breaking up is hard to do

  • ♦Use a word or sentence to describe your personality.
  • Ryoga: Hmm... I don't really know my own personality.
  • Reno: Straight forward.
  • Shin: I'm not very meticulous.
  • Ko-ki: Double personalities.
  • ♦Were you boys popular when you were in school?
  • Reno: Within the class? Of course!
  • Ryoga&Shin: Yes, of course!
  • ♦What is your definition of love?
  • Shin: You.
  • (while the rest of the members discuss seriously amongst themselves)
  • Shin: This is an embarassing question(laughs).
  • ♦Describe your ideal girlfriend.
  • Reno: Someone who can cook.
  • Ryoga: Someone who can do all the housework.
  • ♦What was your most memorable Valentine's day gift?
  • Reno: Shin, you should answer this.
  • Shin: Eh... Valentine's day? (smiles)
  • Reno: Tell them about how you waited and no one came.
  • Shin: Oh! I first got to know about Valentine's day in elementary school. I thought I was going to receive a lot of chocolates as gifts, but I received none at the end of the day.
  • (the room broke in roars of laughter.)
  • ♦Are you getting a lot of Valentine's chocolates now?
  • Shin: Yes, I received a lot from fans these days and the chocolates are delicious! (smiles)
  • ♦What would you get a girl for Valentine's day?
  • Reno: A gift for the girl? From us? (sounding somewhat confused)
  • (The staff explains that in Singapore, both males and females give Valentine's day gifts to each other unlikes the Japanese tradition in which only the females give gifts to men.)
  • Reno: Oh, so it's the opposite of what we do in Japan?
  • Ivu: Necklace.
  • Ko-ki: For the girl I like? Hmm... a house!
  • (the group laughs)
  • Shin: Hmm... what will I get? Perhaps something she can wear?
  • Reno: Roses.
  • Ko-ki: Reno's nickname is 'rose'.
  • Ryoga: Couple rings.
  • ♦If you had a chance to spend Valentine's day with someone you love, how would you spend the day?
  • Ryoga: We will go on a holiday.
  • Reno: Me too.
  • Shin: I will watch DVDs at home with her.
  • Ivu: I will go on a holiday to Italy with her.
  • (the group laughs)
  • Ko-ki: I will invite her to a romantic dinner at a restaurant with the most beautiful view of the city.
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